Redpath Counselling

I am a counsellor and psychotherapist with over 20 years’ experience.

I work with individuals and couples and I run groups. I love my work because I get to be a part of my client’s journey. It is a real honour. And I always learn new stuff about myself. Therapy deals with the big issues that we all face, love, death, sex, anger, grief… the stuff we all have to grapple with.

If you have ever asked yourself the question, how do I want to do my life? Psychotherapy can help you find the answer. The answer which is unique to you.

Change is possible… if you find yourself unhappy with an aspect of the way you live your life… know that change is possible.

I work long and short term with people… depending on the issues they want to work on.

Issues I work with include sex and sexuality, gender identity, loss and grief, men’s issues, anger and anger management, conflict resolution, addictions including internet porn addiction, low self-esteem, low mood and depression.

I love my work with couples and I believe that every couple could use the support of counselling at some point in their relationship… and this should be seen positively as the relationship deepening.

My work with men is very close to my heart. I work with men on an individual basis and run groups for men. I strongly believe that men need other men in their lives and that “father hunger” is rife amongst men and needs to be given serious attention.

I am accredited by BACP and COSCA and registered with UKCP.
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Paul Redpath CTA