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10 November 2019

The Challenge of Everyday Living

We are bombarded with news and images from around the world on a minute by minute basis.

We are bombarded with images from around the world on a regular basis. In this way we are better educated than our predecessors but I for one find it overwhelming. How do I manage the constant stimulation? The world seems to becoming an angrier and more anxious place and it is work for me not to become angry and anxious. On a practical level I find regular exercise helps with both anger and anxiety and I also deliberately practice kindness towards strangers. In shops and cafes and on public transport, anywhere I am having to relate to people I don't know, I make a conscious choice to be polite and friendly even when I don't feel like it. Smiling and side stepping an angry response makes me feel better about myself and the rest of humanity. We are in this together.


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